Jamie L. Patterson, MS
Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

Subject 2 Change is a graphic design and apparel company, offering customer-created and ready-to-wear products to those with unique apparel needs. We distinguish ourselves as a customer-driven company that seeks to leverage a profound awareness of the unique demand for customization with the quality and style of designer products. Our internal operation and external image mirror our dedication to cultivate creativity and create opportunity.

As such, we hope to shape a dynamic culture whose primary belief is that every style, trend, fad, look, thought, belief, design, and desire is subject 2 change.

The Idea

The idea for Subject 2 Change was conceived by three college graduates trying to start a custom apparel and graphic design company offering original and imaginative style and design options to those with unique apparel needs. The owners of the new business sought clients in the communities surrounding their alma maters, Duke University and North Carolina Central University, and found a rich market comprised of community organizations, collegiate groups, athletic leagues and local businesses, all in need of customized wear.

The Need

As members of various campus organizations while in college, the founders of the company knew first-hand the gaps in services provided by the roster of custom apparel companies in the area. From slow turnaround times to low quality products, hidden charges and other inefficiencies, the competitive landscape left room for much improvement. Accordingly, motivated by a desire to make customized products truly fashionable, the primary goal of Subject 2 Change was to provoke the creativity and imagination of its clients, and in turn, offer one-of-a-kind products and services that would catapult the company above competitors in the local market through.

The Solution

Subject 2 Change obtained its first order in June 2004, and has since produced customized apparel for school groups, law firms, campus organizations, small businesses, recording artists, entertainment companies, community groups, Greek-letter organizations, political campaigns, sports leagues, marching bands, and medical associations, and has also manufactured a host of individual t-shirts bearing funny sayings, novel graphics, and photo imaging. Within its first year of operation, the company established a diverse client base, and the owners of Subject 2 Change began to design new products it thought reflected the culture of its clientele. From these first product offerings came the idea for Subject 2 Change-brand apparel that would ultimately lead to a complete line of Subject 2 Change ready to wear fashion apparel. As such, the owners of Subject 2 Change decided to re-organize the company into a parent organization, Subject 2 Change, and two subsidiaries, Subject 2 Change Customs and Subject 2 Change Apparel, organized as a limited liability corporation (LLC) on November 7, 2005.

Over the course of the next two years, continued to develop its customer base and expand its product offerings. The response to the company’s growth and development resulted in double-digit percentage sales increases year after year. The company outgrew its residential location as its primary place of business, and opened an office and showroom in Durham, NC in December 2007.

As Subject 2 Change continued to grow in 2008, the company branched out into new product offerings, hosted a number of mixers and other social gatherings, sponsored community athletics teams, and even produced a mixtape, all of which was documented on the company’s blog. These efforts, along with the general mission of the company, were all focused on creating a community of friends who believe that through creativity and imagination, you can change your shirt, change your mind, AND change the world.