Just the Tips: How to Fold A Shirt

Unless you did time at the Gap or still have your mom doing your laundry, chances are most of your clothes are unfolded and tossed sloppily about your closet and dresser drawers. And that’s cool—a little organized confusion never hurt anyone, but having to iron a shirt every time you want to wear it can get wearisome.

It may seem remedial, but keeping your clothes neatly folded will not only preserve the life of your clothes, it will help you keep your wardrobe better organized as well make packing for a trip that much easier. Not to mention it’ll make whichever girl you got spending the night think you got your shit together. So to help you out, we’ve put together a short-but-simple, four-step tutorial on how to properly fold your shirt. Read on for the illustrated tips…

STEP 1. Smooth out any wrinkles and lay the shirt face down on a flat surface with the bottom edge closest to you.
STEP 2. Fold the shirt vertically down the left side and pull the sleeve toward the middle, leaving an inch from the left side of the collar. Repeat with the right side. Fold both sleeves back to meet the shirt’s edge.
STEP 3. Bring the bottom of the shirt up and rest it just below the collar, creating a horizontal fold.
STEP 4. Flip over. Now it should look just like Mom did it.