Just The Tips: How to Remove Pit Stains

by frederickm

Spring’s here and we hear it’s gonna be a scorcher. To help you stay cool in the streets (and possibly land you in the sheets), we’re gonna let you in on a little tip: Pit stains do NOT attract women. Yellowed pits are created when the aluminum in your deodorant mixes with your sweat. If you’ve got funky yellow spots on a regular old Hanes T-shirt, just throw that shit away. But if it’s a dress shirt or a tee with some sentimental value, all may not be lost. Here are some tips on how to remove pit stains from a shirt…

1. Prepare warm water + hydrogen peroxide in the sink or basin.

2. Since the deodorant stain has already settled in, soak the shirt for 30 minutes.

3. After soaking, mix baking soda and water to create a paste to coat over the affected area.

4. Let it dry and you can throw it in the wash.

Other remedies:
Oxy Clean Detergent
The Laundress