MOI Photography and Subject 2 Change are sponsoring a month long set of blog entries dedicated to tattoos.

Natasha and Cartlitta are our first entries.

Natasha's Answers

1. When did you get your tattoo?
March 2007

2. Where (location/city) did you get your tattoo?
Dogstar on 9th street in Durham……they are AMAZING!!!

3. Was anyone with you?
Yes – my linesisters Kim, Courtney, Lexi, Candis, (Sha and Patrice were there in support but decided against the ink)

4. What was the occasion?
We were eating at Torero's (our favorite place to gather) and someone said "hey lets all go get tattoo's" and the rest was history because the next thing I know, we are all at Dogstar flipping through the art posters trying to decide on a design….we found a Celtic Triangle and decided that we would all put our number in the middle and then personalize it in some way…..hence the "Dirty Red" on the bottom of mine..

5. How long did it take?
about 45 minutes for the Tattoo and about 45 minutes to decide on what we wanted……women!

6. Did it turn out the way you wanted it?
Yes! It actually turned out better than I imagined it!

7. Did it hurt?
I wouldn't say "hurt"….getting wood and brands "hurt"….lol…..but as for the tattoo I was just ready for it to be over……not a comfortable feeling….the sound was the most aggravating to me……

8. What does the tattoo symbolize?
My love for my sorority and the bond between my linesisters and I.

9. How many do you have in all?
5 total…….for now! 🙂

10. Do you want more tattoos?
Yes, I am addicted and always want another even after I say "this one will be the last one"

Carlitta's Answers

1.When did you get your tattoo?
April 27, 2009

2.Where (location/city) did you get your tattoo?
Twisted sixes durham, NC

3.Was anyone with you?
My little brother, he got one as well

4.What was the occasion?
No occasion, just was ready to get it

5.How long did it take?
Took about 20-25 minutes

6. Did it turn out the way you wanted it?

Did it hurt?
Yes it hurt, not too bad, an annoying type of pain

8.What does the tattoo symbolize?
There are 6 essentials in life,"strength, wisdom, grace, love, hope, faith" these things are what make you stronger and strengthens your relationship with God. I had each member of my family write a word and that's what they mean to me, and I had it tattooed exactly how they wrote it, I also wrote a word.

9.How many do you have in all?

10.Do you want more tattoos?